Don’t forget to vote on 22 May!

On May 22 there will be a UK-wide election for the European Parliament and also local council elections for London boroughs.

If you want to vote, please make sure you are registered on the Electoral Register. If you are, you should by now have received a voting card. If you haven’t had one, phone the Electoral Registration Service at your local council to check. You need to do this well before the deadline, May 6.

If you are resident in Britain but have a passport from another EU country, there is a second thing you have to do to be able to vote in the European Parliament elections on May 22. It may not be widely known that Polish, French, German, Spanish , Italian, Austrian etc. people need an extra form to vote in the European election, on which they promise to vote ONLY in the UK and not in their passport country.

You can get it from the electoral commission website and you have to send it or take it to your local council Electoral Registration Service in good time for May 6, which is the last possible date to secure your right to vote on May 22.

On  this website you can have more information about how to vote according to your situation. For example, if you are a citizen of another European Union country but reside in the UK, you can register to vote in the UK at a European Parliamentary election.

You must also complete a European Parliament voter registration form, available here.

More information about the process here.


A huge THANK YOU for you all

Thanks to everybody who made ‘A Europe for All, by All’ art exhibition possible and who joined the fun!

From 3 to 13 April European politics and arts were combined at Hundred Years Gallery, in London, where many concurred to propose new ideas, and to discuss what we like and what we don’t like about the European Union.

This was only the first phase of a longer project that aims to encourage participation in the upcoming elections to the Euroepan Parliament (22 May 2014), particularly in the context of widespread disengagement and lack of understanding of politics beyond national borders in Britain.

Stay tuned because we are planning lots more for the next few weeks – next stop: 13 May!


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“A Europe for all, by all” begins at The Hundred Years gallery with a Private View

Finally, after months of hard work, European Greens in London presented its exhibition “A Europe for all, by all” at the Hundred Years Gallery yesterday. Around 100 people came to enjoy an evening of arts, chats, live music by groups like La Negra & Tuya  and KMAT  and, of course, politics! Just two minutes away from Hoxton Station, the gallery provides a friendly atmosphere for reflection where artists, activists, politicians and ordinary people gather together to talk about Europe.

Guests at the inauguration event admiring some of the art works.

Guests at the inauguration event admiring some of the art works.

Arts to picture Europe

When you arrive to the gallery, a map of Europe welcomes you. On one side, the good things and the diversity that the Union has brought.  On the other side, the dark part, left blank with a pen attached for you to tell what you don’t like about this Europe and what you want to change.

As you come inside expression explodes.  A display of 18 masterpieces can be admired along the two floors the gallery has.  Artists from all corners of Europe like Federico Gallo, Antonio Mena, Lisa Furness, Veronica Perales among others have created inspiring works to denounce ghost cities in Spain, the unfinished commercial centers in Ireland, the oil wars, the mileage of our food, the endangered environments and many other issues that Europe still need to endeavor to solve.

One of three pieces representing the genetic modification of crops and farm animals. By Milan Todovic

One of three pieces representing the genetic modification of crops and farm animals. By Milan Todovic

There’s also a small library where books with information about European institutions, the financial crisis, the tax system, etc are available for you to consult while you enjoy music, drinks and food among friends so that you can have a better understanding of  all these topics.

Run for your rights

The group Ad Feminarum presented its “Ecology and Equality race”. An unusual race with a very clear goal: to achieve real democracy. If you want to participate in this initiative, you will get a unique number to wear each time you spot a situation of environmental injustice or inequality.  You can take a picture with your number and upload it to the Ad Feminarum website for everybody to know where that situation is happening.

Ad Feminarum unique number dorsal to promote the Ecology and Equality race.

Ad Feminarum unique number dorsal to promote the Ecology and Equality race.

Ad Feminarum believes that ” running is a subversive act, and this race is a statement of intent” so these activities are a horizontal run to a shared future and these actions will help us to move forward together. However the exit is always open, you can enter this symbolic marathon whenever you want and you can carry your number for as long as you want too.

Is this the Europe you want?

The ultimate purpose of this two-weeks event is to stimulate debate about how to improve European democracy. You will have your chance to decide in the European Parliament elections on May 22nd but before that, European Greens in London wants to offer you a programme with a series of workshops, talks, theatre plays, music gigs, screenings and much more to discuss with you about the importance of political participation in a time of uncertainty, economical turmoil, denied rights and apathy towards politics.

A Europe for all, by all programme of activities.

A Europe for all, by all programme of activities.

Come, share your thoughts and think about what we can improve and how. We want to build A Europe for all, by all. And you?