Expats, migrants, natives and foreigners. A discussion before the European Parliament elections.

The evening starts. We meet with members of New Europeans and other groups.

The evening starts. We meet with members of New Europeans and other groups.


Violeta, an European Greens in London member, chairs the meeting. She introduces Jean Lambert (London MEP), Don Flynn (Migrant Rights Network), Nicholas di Genova (King’s College) and Ska Keller (Green candidate to EC Presidency).


The venue was converted into an improvised gallery with artworks from our previous art exhibition ‘A Europe for All, by All’.


More than 30 people joined the discussion on Tuesday 13 May.


Speakers warned of ‘nativist’ trends in Europe – emphasizing the difference with ‘racism’. Another Europe, it was said, requires us to think about citizenship in a totally different light.


Fortress or Open Europe – Join the debate on 13 May

At the beginning of the 21st century, Europe is a continent of multiculturality, and the European Union is a new reality in its millenarian history. Most European are not interested on what is going on in ‘distant Europe’ – it is a boring, far away, reality.

And yet we are Europe. Every single one of us living in this continent.

Europe is the Syrian refugee requesting asylum, the African who drowns trying to reach Lampedusa. Europe is the Southern migrant who moved to another European city following the crisis. Europe is the person falling for scare-mongering discourses by Nigel Farage in Britain or Marine Le Pen in France.

Europe is a dream for many and a nightmare for many others. However Europe is far more than all this.

The elections to the European Parliament on 22 May 2014 compel us to examine the role of Europe in ensuring the freedom of movement of persons. Let us look in detail at both sides of the coin on 13 May.

‘An Open Europe for All: An evening debate about migration and citizenship‘ will be a debate with experts, community leaders, and the most important of all – you!

Hosting this debate in London is all the more relevant at a time when controlling migration has become the mantra of a rising far-right in Britain, to which the government is responding by further attacking migrants’ rights.

The debate will be opened by inspiring speakers and community leaders, but it’s your view that counts most:

Ska Keller: Leading Green Candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission; MEP Green Candidate in Germany.

Jean Lambert: MEP Green Candidate for London.

Nicholas de Genova: Reader in Urban Geography, King’s College London.

Don Flynn: Director of Migrant’s Rights Network.

Violeta Vajda: Community activist and Romani Studies doctoral researcher at University of Sussex.

Plus representatives from various communities and networks of European migrants.

An Open Europe for All