Reflecting on Join the Vote campaign

In April 2014 a bunch of European Greens in London members  took part in the Join the Vote action, registering thousands of people to vote in the European Parliament elections.

38 Degrees have now shared feedback on the action and, while it is hard to be precise, from what volunteers reported it looks like Join the Vote registered around 20,000 people.

There are a couple of really impressive things about this figure. In recent elections the Electoral Commission have spent around £25 for every new person they registered – Join the Vote cost just £1.92 per person. [1] And, unlike electoral officers who know which houses aren’t registered, we couldn’t get the data in time so we had to knock on every house to check if our neighbours were registered or not. Next time round, 38 Degrees says, we will make sure this information is available and easy to use.

European Greens in London aimed at and made an effort to reach out for non-UK European residents. Thanks so all of those that were involved. We will take to the streets again soon!

[1] They work for you: Electoral register:


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