Our aims

Some of the things we are trying to contribute to achieve are:

1. Creating awareness of European politics and how they work

We want people to understand the importance of  politics in the European Union in spite of  all its evident mistakes and problems.  We also want to give them accurate, reliable and important information about the political process in the European Parliament.

2. Building an Europe for the people by the people

We need to build a new narrative about Europe that creates an alternative to the Europe just for the markets. We want Europe to be for the citizens.

3. Stopping the extreme right rise

In a moment when right wing extremism is the ascending force in the polls across EU countries (Greece with Golden Dawn, France with the Front National or UK with UKIP, etc), we strongly believe in the necessity for an active call to increase the participation of European society in the next elections in order to stop fascism, xenophobia and neoliberal economic measures imposed by the Troika (European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and the European Commission).

4. Promoting green policies 

It is also our conviction that options such as the Green Deal are very interesting. We would like to promote green policies and a fluid communication between MEPs and their constituencies so that  everyone can have the option to engage and make proposals for Europe. For us active citizens and participatory democracy is a must..


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