Our story

European Greens in London is a network of green activists who have migrated to London from all corners of Europe. We got together in the spring of 2013 to engage with people who, like us, feel that it is only through meaningful political participation that citizens can bring about the changes Europe needs.

The current crises in Europe are an opportunity for citizens to take part in a process to refund the European Union. From an Union whose foundation rests solely on an economic, productivist logic, to a Europe based on a real democracy. The current EU institutions suffer from a lack of democracy and legitimacy and we want to contribute to change this by promoting mass political participation, a participation that challenges the current government of elites working for the interest of a minority.

We strongly believe this participation must be transnational and arise from the understanding that we are not only citizens of our respective countries and nations, but also European citizens. It is only through meaningful political participation that citizens can bring about the changes Europe needs.

We had our first meeting in June 2013 with a group integrated by people from France, Poland, Hungary, Spain and Sweden.  We decided it was time for an active call to participation in Europeans politics. We concluded that our first, short-term, aspiration  would be to encourage people living in London to collaborate with us and vote in the next European elections in May 2014. An art exhibition and a discussion forum (see the ‘Projects & Campaigns’ section) followed in the spring of 2014. We also collaborated with one of 38 Degrees’ campaigns and took to the streets to register as many potential voters from European, non-UK, countries as possible.

Once the 22 May elections were over, we joined the ‘End Ecocide in Europe‘ campaign, and worked in collaboration with New Economics Foundation Fellow Perry Walker to develop a methodology for a CrowdWise based on the theme ‘Visions for Europe’ – an open debate based on this methodology will take place in London in the autumn of 2014.

European Greens in London is also one of the leading collectives of the ‘Vote Denied‘ campaign and is part of a wide coalition of organizations fighting to stop the Transantlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in Europe: noTTIP.

We have more projects and campaigns in the pipeline. If you have something to say, if you have something to share , if you want a better Europe, if you want a different Europe, if you want to be part of the team, get in touch!


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