Projects & campaigns

Check the menu in this section for detailed information on four of our projects and campaigns. There is more however. We are for instance working hard to stop the Transantlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in Europe and regularly support the noTTIP campaign, and we actively joined the People’s Climate March and other mobilizations to demand climate justice. Drop us a line if you have questions!

European Greens in London #SayNo2TTIP because:

* Energy efficiency labels & fuel efficiency standards for cars are NOT  ‘technical barriers’ to trade.

* Planet rights a ‘technical barrier’ to trade according to TTIP!

* As European struggles rally to put into place climate policies, TTIP would threat effective existing & new policies.

* $250 m lawsuit against Quebec for banning fracking under trade agreement Nafta – do we want the same in Europe?

* A neoliberal trade agreement between EU-US would increase the chance of ecocide in Europe.

* A similar trade agreement had Mexico fined ($5.5 m) for acting out of environmental concerns.

* Environmental regulations achieved in the EU would be wrecked by the TTIP trade agreement.

* TTIP means more climate chaos as aviation greenhouse gas emissions would increase.

* More GMO and chemicals in our food would be promoted by TTIP an European Parliament report says 

* European ecosystems cannot sustain another neoliberal trade agreement.



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