A Europe for All, by All

A Europe for All, by All‘ was a project to stimulate debate about how to improve European democracy, and to encourage participation in the elections to European Parliament. The project showcased an art exhibition, debates with MEPs, theatre performances, gigs and more in partnership with the Green European Foundation and the Green Party UK.


Exhibition, performances and arts 

Arts and politics were brought together at the Hundred Years Gallery during the Spring of 2014.

London-based artists from all corners of Europe were invited to come up with inspiring reflections, messages and strategies on how to activate citizenship to build a real European democracy founded on the principles of sustainability and social and environmental justice. The artworks conveyed their ideas of why is political participation in Europe important today; what are the alternatives to the current policies running counter to democracy, equality, social and environmental justice; and what are the different forms of political participation available for European citizens today.

See here the Full Programme of Activities and the Catalogue of Artworks.

Read more about the launch of the project and its activities here.


Caroline Allen_Ad Feminarium



The closing debate: An Open Europe for All

An evening debate about migration and citizenship on 13 May 2014 closed the two-months long project. Speakers included Ska Keller, the Leading Green Candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission and a MEP Green Candidate in Germany; Jean Lambert, a London MEP; and Nicholas de Genova, Reader in Urban Geography at King’s College London.

Hosting this debate in London was all the more relevant in a time when controlling migration has become the mantra of a rising far-right in Britain, to which the government is responding by further attacking migrants’ rights. The debate counted with the intervention of migrant community leaders too.

Read more about it here.



An Open Europe for All


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