Equal Voting Rights and Procedures for all EU Citizens in EP elections

Our friends from the ‘European Citizens Abroad’ network have launched a petition to demand equal rights for EU citizens to vote in the European Parliament (EP) election, very much in line with European Greens in London recent campaigning work. Find the petition here and the text below.

Equal voting rights

An Irish citizen who lives in The Netherlands cannot vote for Irish Members of European Parliament (MEPs), while a Danish citizen can vote for his country’s constituency even if he resides in another EU member state. However, a Danish citizen living in the US cannot vote at all, while a French citizen can. Some can only use postal voting, some can only vote at diplomatic posts (sometimes very far away), others enjoy both, and sometimes proxy voting or even e-voting (only in Estonia).

While a short list of common provisions have to be observed by all, such as proportional representation, voters in some member states can only vote for a list in order of candidates pre-determined by the corresponding political party (closed list), while others can change the order of candidates on the list to choose to prioritize the ones that they believe are more qualified (preferential vote with varying degrees of liberty).

National electoral law determines voting rights and procedures, but now is the time to stop hiding behind constitutional or legal complexities, and take a step forward with our democracy in Europe.

MEPs are the only directly elected representatives of the European, and we need them to be elected by and represent all EU citizens.

We need Equal Voting Rights and Procedures for all EU Citizens in EP elections !